Payment Gateway Services are electronic methods of payment of money for buying products and services by an online user. These payment gateways are PCI compliant, fraud proof, fast and hassle-free. There are various trusted payment gateways like CCAvenue, EBS payment gateway, PayPal payment gateway, Citrus payment gateway, PayTM payment gateway, PayUbiz payment gateway and many other such payment gateways.

We at Eximplar integrate these payment gateways with your e-store so that the buyers have the option for various payment gateway options while buying from your online web store. We do payment gateway integration across different e-commerce platforms like Magento e-commerce platform, WordPress e-commerce platform, Opencart e-commerce platform and other such e-commerce platforms.

Why choose Eximplar for Payment Gateway Services?

  • By integrating the well-known payment gateways with your e-store, we provide fast and hassle-free payment methods to your customers with more than 100+ payment options.
  • When we integrate the payment gateways with your e-store, you can go online and start accepting payments within 24 hours.
  • With plug-ins for major shopping carts like Magento, Opencart, WordPress woo-commerce, Zencart, Tomatocart and others, we provide payment gateway integration for all of them.
  • Customers can buy across countries with currencies of their choice using the payment gateways integrated by us into your e-store.
    All our integrated payment gateway solutions are fraud-proof with SSL encryption and are PCI DSS 3.0 compliant.

Advantages of using payment gateways

  • Using trusted payment gateway protects you against theft and fraud as they are secured with SSL encryption, and they will be PCI compliant.
  • With the payment gateways, people from across the world can get access to your products and buy them, expanding your customer base and growing your business beyond boundaries.
  • The processing of payments across payment gateways are automatic and fast and do not need manual intervention or long waits or lines for completion.
  • A payment gateway allows for the purchase of a product or service at any time of the day 24/7 in an e-store as it is completely electronic.
  • Your money will be safe using payment gateway as money can be stolen in its physical form, but in its digital form, money is safe from theft or loss.
  • Payment gateways are highly user-friendly as they are easy to use and also there is 24/7 tech support for them.
  • With only 1% commission of the total amount incurred, payment gateways are economical when compared to traditional unattended payment terminals provided by internet service providers.
  • Automated Clearing House (AHC) System is used by banks for transactions. Using this system different transactions like B2B transaction, e-commerce processing and bill payment can be executed by using a payment gateway.
  • The payment gateways have made transactions with credit cards easy and efficient with batch upload features. With this multiple transactions can be executed in a single file and it also allows for swift and safe verification of accounts.

Our payment gateway services

  • We at Eximplar guide you in selecting the best payment gateway for your e-store by analyzing your brand image, taste and business needs.
  • By helping you in getting regular updates for your payment gateway, we help you in keeping your e-store relevant and up to date.
  • If there is an issue with your payment gateway, we assist you by providing support and maintenance to keep your business up and running.
  • We give due consideration to the fact that the payment gateway interface should be responsive and should be suitable for all devices with different screen sizes like a smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, iPad, iPhone and others.
  • Even if you build a marketplace or an online store or a mobile app, we ensure that the payment gateways that we select for you get smoothly integrated across all the platforms.