The first Android device came to the market in 2008, since then the Android platform has become a cult and is the most widely used platform for developing mobile applications. The Android SDK is used in the development of Android-based apps for varied uses. ZeroZilla Technologies specializes in the field of  Android App Development for Android-based mobile phones.We have a highly experienced team of Android developers who are proficient in working with Android SDK.

Choose Eximplar for Android App Development because:

The process of Android app development is streamlined at Eximplar. The different stages of the process are:

  • Android app design requirements are analyzed and the target audiences of the app are thoroughly studied.
  • Finalizing the suitable style for the app design.
  • All the app assets are created through coding.
  • The UI is created and all the elements of the app are integrated.
  • The app is made bug-free by performing unit testing.
  • The app is sent for client approval.
  • Approved Android app is submitted to the Android store.

Why should you hire our Android developers?

  • The Android app developers in Eximplar team are highly proficient in programming with Android SDK.
  • With 8+ years of industry experience, our Android app developers have developed 50+ Android apps and games.
  • The Android app developers in our team develop Android apps and games with unmatched quality and perfection.
  • We provide on-time delivery of high-quality Android apps and games.
  • The clients can contact us at their suitable time over Whatsapp, phone, IM and email.
  • We will never share your app idea, app data or any other information with a third party, and we will keep it strictly confidential.
  • Our Android app development services adhere to International standards and will live up to your expectations.

What the Android SDK has?

  • The Android SDK has a set of development tools like debugger, libraries, a handset emulator, documentation, sample code and tutorials.
  • It mainly uses Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Android app development.
  • Developers can use any text editor to edit Java and XML files and then use command line tools to create, build and debug Android applications in the Android SDK.
  • This SDK also supports older versions of Android if you are designing Android apps for older devices.
  • Android SDK helps in developing Android applications in the .apk format and is stored under /data/app folder on the Android OS.

Why hire Android developer freelancers from Eximplar ?

  • Our Android developers are highly experienced in developing Android-based Apps for the smartphones, and they develop some feature-rich apps and these skills may not be present in case of freelancers.
  • Android App development is done by our Android developers at affordable costs when compared to freelance developers and you can expect high-end app and game development from them.
  • Keeping in mind the deadline, the Android developers at Eximplar develop robust and dynamic games and apps for the Android platform within the stipulated time frame and this may not be the case with inexperienced freelancers.
  • The freelancers in other platforms end the technical support with project completion, but this is not the case with Android developers in Eximplar continue giving technical support to clients up to six months from the project completion date
  • Backed by a strong company background like Eximplar Android are the best when compared to individual freelance Android developers and freelance developers in other freelancing websites.
  • Having high-level customization, we develop Android-based apps for different sectors like Lifestyle, Health, Pharma, FMCG, Entertainment and many others and this variety and customization will not be available from freelancers.