The iPhones today have revolutionized the world with their futuristic technology.  Eximplar   Technologies is moving hand-in-hand with the iPhone technology by developing state of the art iPhone applications and games for the iPhone platform. Our competent team of iPhone developers in Eximplar  is well-versed in using iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) for developing best in class iOS apps and games. This SDK is a free download for Mac personal computer users.

Choose Eximplar for iPhone App Development because:

We follow a streamlined process for iOS app development. The various stages of the process are:

  • Analyze your iOS app design requirements and the target audience of the app.
  • Selecting the right style for the app design.
  • Coding and creating all the app assets.
  • Creating UI and integrating all the element
  • Unit-testing the app to make it bug free.
  • Getting client’s approval for the app.
  • Finally submitting the app to Apple app store.

Why should you hire our iOS developers?

  • We have highly experienced iOS developers who are well versed in programming with Apple iOS SDK.
  • Our IOS have 8+ years of industry experience and have developed 50+ iOS apps and games.
  • They develop iOS apps and games with top-notch quality and perfection.
  • The iOS developers’ team at Eximplar provides on-time delivery of iOS apps.
  • You can contact us at any time over IM, email, Whatsapp and phone.
  • We keep all your app idea, app data and information confidential and will not share it with any third party.
  • The world-class iOS apps and games we deliver will satisfy all your expectations.

What the iOS SDK has?

  • It gives developers access to various functions and services of iOS devices.
  • The users get access to software and hardware attributes of iOS devices.
  • This SDK has iPhone simulator that mimics the look and feel of the iOS device on the computer while developing on iOS platform.
  • With the help of Xcode, the developers write iOS apps by making use of supported programming languages like Swift and Objective-C.
  • For developing for new iOS versions, you need to download new iOS SDK.

Why iOS developers in Eximplar are better than the freelance iOS developers?

  • The iOS developers available to work from Eximplar are highly experienced for complete execution of the iOS development projects from project incubation until project completion, unlike the freelancers who may be less experienced.
  • You can hire our freelance iOS developers at a reasonable fee, and they provide end to end project execution at affordable costs when compared to individual freelance developers.
  • Our iOS developers have the capability of completing your iOS development projects within the given timeframe and also promise high-quality work which might be absent in case of individual freelancers.
  • Unlike the other freelance iOS developers, the developers hired from Eximplar will not end technical support at project completion. Instead, our iOS developers continue to provide technical support for a period of six months from the date of completion.
  • At Eximplar, the iOS developers are technically competent and have a strong infrastructure and a reputed company background. Hence, they are better in all respects than the usual freelancers working individually or through freelancing websites.