You need to be aware of the fact that paper insertions (such as newspaper insertions) tend to be quite successful and prove to be a cost effective solution for businesses, helping them deliver their message to right audience.

Eximplar is a leading Pamphlet/Flyer/Leaflet insertion service provider through newspapers. We undertake paper insertion service in all areas of Bangalore in languages such as English, Hindi, and Kannada.

We help you cover different localities and household. Other than household, we also carry leaflet distribution activities through hand-to-hand process, circulations in schools, colleges, IT zones, malls, etc. Our service is quick, efficient and result oriented. Choose us to experience:Paper Insertion company

  1. Cost effective direct marketing
  2. Reach more than 95% of your market
  3. Experience greater visibility
  4. Build brand image
  5. Achieve target oriented delivery
  6. Develop enhanced communication

Why use our services?

We are the leaders in paper insertion service in Bangalore whether you are looking for insertion of:

  1. Pamphlets
  2. Flyers
  3. Paper inserts
  4. Leaflets

Moreover, Eximplar has dedicated work force with several years of experience in this work. When you work with us, the advantage for you is that you will get all the services under one umbrella, from designing to printing of flyers and pamphlets and their distribution.