A Website is the face of a company reflecting the complete image of the business on the internet. It is what which attracts the visitors to the business and converts them into potential customers. Having a stunning, user-friendly and appealing website is not just enough for running the business successfully, you must also maintain the website by updating each and every aspect if you are to maintain the reputation and continue having more visitors by retaining existing customers and gaining new customers. You should add new products and services of your business to your website, update forms, images, videos, blogs, and update other necessary elements of the website.

We at Eximplar, keep your website up-to-date with your current business information. We help you in revising old web pages and in adding new web pages depending on your requirements. We check the page load times, inquiry forms, update images, content, analyze website performance, update plugins, we do broken-link checking and do a host of other website maintenance activities at an affordable cost.

Why choose Eximplar for website maintenance services?

  • We have 8+ years of industry experience in website maintenance, and we provide impeccable website maintenance services at affordable cost.
  • Eximplar has an excellent team of website designers and programmers who provide simple codes based on current coding techniques and give top-notch web maintenance services.
  • We offer product service updates, e-commerce special updates like offers and ensure that your websites are interactive and user-friendly.
  • We remove virus and bugs, solve browser compatibility issues, check server performance, do CMS maintenance, backup and periodical website performance checkup.
  • The clients can contact us at any time over IM, WhatsApp, email and phone and have their queries solved and get things updated.

Some Benefits of Website Maintenance

  • Your business website will be up-to-date with your business information and the customers will be happy when they get the relevant information that they are searching for and thus increasing your customer base.
  • The technical glitches, bugs, viruses and other hindrances can be tackled and your website will be up and running, giving an incredible user experience.
  • When you update your content or CMS of your website, your website will become the favorite of the search spiders across the search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google and the website will get higher ranks in the search engine results.
  • An updated website itself will act as a brand ambassador and will help in the expansion of brand image increasing your popularity on the web.
  • Security of the data on your websites like data related to customers, employees, products and others is imperative and hence regular website maintenance with malware updates and security patches is a must for websites.
  • Website CMS updated with the latest technology will ensure new email, marketing and automation tools, latest social media plugins, conversion rate enhancing tools and host of other digital marketing related goodies. Hence, regular maintenance of your website with the latest technology is very much-needed.
  • With regular maintenance of your website, you will ensure the strong upkeep of your website and you can concentrate more on what is required for building your business and looking at business expansion and so on.
  • If your website is down, it is a matter of serious loss to your organization and hence there should be a reliable website maintenance partner who will regularly backup your data and keep your website up and running.
  • Having an e-commerce website with technical glitches is not good, you should have proper payment gateways, add to cart options, latest discounts and offers and so on. For this, regular website maintenance is truly needed.

Some website maintenance services that we provide are:

  • We undertake changes to the design of the website and its contents by doing CSS coding changes, HTML coding changes and other required alterations.
  • We insert, edit or delete texts, photos, videos and links as per the need for the client and their business.
  • We update the current products and services of the given business to reflect on their website.
  • We fine-tune your website’s interactivity so that it engages more customers and helps in retaining existing customers.
  • We do blog updates, SEO maintenance, check for mobile compatibility, ensure spam protection and do a host of other website maintenance services.